Date: 2008-Present
Client: Ken Elkinson


Ken Elkinson is an incredible musician based out of Venice, CA. Over the past 6 years, DMMH has designed over 25 cds, including a box set, and did a revamp of his website. Ken’s cover art has included photos of plums, his kid’s drawings, and amazing abstract paintings by Ib Geertsen.

“When I moved to Los Angeles I wanted to find a graphic designer in my same time zone. As soon as I put the word out, I was bombarded with dozens of choices. From the second I saw DMMH’s website I could tell that they were the company for me. They constantly amaze me with all the incredible design choices they give me for each project, their extremely quick turn time, their reach-ability and of course their professionalism. They helped a friend caught in a last minute pinch from another designer – and are always willing to go that extra step. I recommend them so highly that even if I were to move to another part of the country, I would put aside my desire to be in the same time zone, as I don’t think one can do any better than DMMH.”
– Ken Elkinson,